Devised Theatre (9 weekly sessions)

APR 26

 Devise ideas and use real life stories as a springboard for making performance. Mix the real with the surreal, the habitual with the extraordinary. Our approach is largely physical and our emphasis is on playfulness, rythm and spontaneity. The workshop welcomes performers and theatre makers who are at different stages in their career. Directors and writers are welcome too. We will work towards an informal performance at the end of the course.


26 April-21 June

We will meet every Wednesday 7pm-9pm.

Course material is refreshed each time and participants are welcome to join us even if they have participated in previous devised theatre workshops. All sessions are led by Theatre Practitioner Andrea Cabrera Luna.


“This is a great class for any aspiring actor/actress. Just let yourself be open to it and you will learn a lot. Very interactive and lots of fun”

“Andrea has a useful approach that is different from my previous classes. By including body movement this gives you more focus on what you are doing and therefore improves your performance. Also the interaction in class is strong.”

“I really enjoyed Andrea’s classes. They were always fun and an interesting take on acting. She has a way of bringing things out of the work that gives you confidence and a greater understanding of the whole process.”

“Andrea is very professional and creative. I think that her course can help people to open their mind.”

Spaces are limited, please book in advance.

Eventbrite - Devised Theatre (9 weekly sessions)

Taster Session with Anahat Theatre

Come down to the Anahat Theatre open day taster session on Wednesday 19 April 7:00pm – 8:30pm and see what we have to offer. Our next 9-week Devised Theatre Workshop will start on 26 April so we will be hosting a taster session with games, improvisation, physical exercises and ensemble work for all new participants.

This taster session is appropriate for any and all actors and/or performers, whether you are starting out or are a professional practitioner with an interest in alternative forms of storytelling, devising and physical theatre. We advise participants to bring comfortable clothes to be able to move. You MUST BOOK ONLINE to secure yourself a spot.

If you do enjoy the taster session, you can then sign up for a 9-Week Devised Theatre Workshop on the day for £75 instead of £80. The Devising Theatre Workshop will explore ways to convert story into live performance. There is no obligation to sign up for our Devising Workshop after the free session – it really is just a chance to get a taste of what our workshops are about.

During Devised Theatre Workshop we will work towards an informal performance in front of an audience. Remember that you MUST BOOK ONLINE here to secure yourself a spot.


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